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My names Luke and I'm Manchester born and bred. I’ve had a passion for art and all things creative for as long as I can remember. High school has been the only form of artistic training I've had but other than that I'm pretty much self taught. I’m very adaptable when it comes to styles and mediums but there is one thing that makes my work identifiable and that is that all my work is predominately grey-scale. That being said, I do like to challenge myself so I will step out of my comfort zone now and again. I’m currently enjoying my craft and learning from each piece of art I create. Where it takes me, who knows. I’m happy as long as I’m always moving forward.

I’m Natasha, a self taught abstract artist from Manchester. Since being young art has always been a part of my life as I believe everything in life is art. I am a spiritual soul who uses art to express myself, it’s my freedom and zen zone. I’m inspired by the world around me, by nature and the energy which flows around us. I’m in love with being outdoors- this having an impact/influence on the way I create. I could walk onto a beach, a field, run through a forest or stroll into a train station and instantly be inspired by everything I see around me and the words I hear being spoken. I believe art can heal us from within, it’s something I have used as a coping mechanism for years now and I am forever grateful for finding peace in art. I hope my art can make people feel something, I hope the words which come with my art make you understand and most of all I hope the magic in my art touches you.

Peace, love & light. 

Natasha x