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Kookie Cat - Organic Vegan Cashew & Oat Cookie

£1.49 GBP

Kookie Cat is authentic, handcrafted, made with high quality ingredients and tons of love. A new take on the old-fashioned cookies reinvented in vegan awesomeness....and it's gluten free. Comes in various flavours:

Cacao Nibs Walnut Rich and intense cacao cookie experience. An electrifying mix of cacao nibs, cacao butter and walnuts that recharges and indulges the senses.

Pineapple Orange A tropical fiesta of tastes - pineapple, orange and cinnamon. A life-of-the-party cookie that impresses with a sweet and refreshing flavour.

Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Delicate bourbon vanilla taste, topped with delicious chocolate chips. The princess of cookies that will take over your senses graciously.

Hemp Cacao
Crunchy, protein-packed cookie with hemp seeds and cacao powder. An adventurous flavor that will follow your free spirit everywhere.